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10 Perks that is unexpected of The Gamer. By Samantha Khor

Only a few gamers are anti-social being whom just sit around mashing game systems, y'know? ;)

1. You understand how to locate them 98% of that time, nor is it necessary to worry you left them - in front of a screen about them disappearing for hours at a time because they're usually right where.

In a while, they're probably just preoccupied with that game they just bought or engaged in intense rounds of DOTA with their bros if they haven't replied your text or you haven't heard from them.

2. They usually have not a problem with waiting because they are completely capable of entertaining themselves to while the time away for you to get ready

All of the looking at slow-loading displays and waiting for the arrival for the game releases that are newest and game systems have actually honed their degree of persistence.